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Teacher and Blackboard

Instructor Requirements

We pride ourselves on being a safe place for young riders to learn new skills.  As such, we hold our instructors to the highest standards.

All of our instructors are required to meet the following requirements:
  • Be professional

  • Be kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Safe

  • Lead by example - always wear your helmet, boots, gloves and tether while riding

  • Medical insurance is required

  • No foul language

  • Be patient - these kids look up to you

  • No cell phones during class

We ask that all instructors take video and edit a 5-10 minute reel of their class for promotion purposes and to provide a short summary of how the class went.

If you are interested in becoming a Next Gen Mototrials instructor or would like to host a  training class, please use our contact form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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